What is a Life Unimagined?

Everyone experiences the traumatic, unimaginable things in life. Those things shape our entire identies as we process and grow from them. Often, we allow those traumas to define or limit us as believers. It’s natural to plant our mindset in the trauma garden. But I know from personal experience there is more. Let me ask this,

What if we allow him total control over our lives? Granting God the freedom to do whatever he wishes with the difficult things? Trusting that they happen in our lives for a purpose, even when they are extraordinarly painful.

It can be powerfully life changing

My hope is that these words will encourage, challenge and inspire you to surrender all to our loving, kind and powerful heavenly father. That your trust in his abilities will be expanded and grow. And that you too will find that his imagination for your life, far exceeds your own.

I look forward to sharing together what Life Unimagined is for all of us!


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