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R Rated Incivility

We had an election last year, remember? Of course you do…it’s all over social media, the news papers, television, magazines and such. We elected a billionaire, playboy, thrice married, adulterous, real estate mogul with a hideously loose tongue.

Lord save us all

I always like to preface my remarks with this caveat, I did not vote for him. Nor did I vote for her. I opted to write in a vote even though I knew it would make absolutely no difference. In a sense I threw it down the toilet. I am a registered Republican, have voted that party for most of my life and am now trying to decide if that party even embodies anything remotely close to what I embrace politically. Just to tamp down the excitement of my liberal friends…I know the Democratic party doesn’t.

In the great, dubiously honest state of Illinois, where politics is a sporting event dominated by the Democrats, my vote rarely counts anyway. It did in my former county but for general elections it’s pretty much a statistic vs a persuasion. If I lived in Pennsylvania I might have voted for him…Nah, I wouldn’t, even then I couldn’t do it. But I digress.

Ever since our election we’ve taken to social media to stake a claim that our current president is either the Anti-Christ or, someone NOT the Anti-Christ but not really great. I read so many memes, articles, links to video (some factual others not so much) and statements that try to persuade me one way or another. And usually, these are prefaced with an opinion from the poster that uses some kind of inflammatory language.

I’ve never seen so many f words

Generally speaking the f bombs are lobbed by liberals (sorry guys, it’s fact). Understandably, their gal lost and they absolutely abhor the winner. But wow, has civility gone out the door! There isn’t even a pretense of it. And yes, I’ll grant them that “He started it” but whatever happened to that old adage…

“If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anythingat all”

Personally I’m finding myself saying nothing…I don’t even watch, and I try not to listen. The verbiage from the Oval Office is not merely offensive, it just doesn’t make sense! Though it threatens it rarely follows through. It sounds like a school yard bully and as usual with bullies, they have a tendency to cower in the face of a real threat.

Let’s talk for a moment about the Presidential defenders–nope, I can’t

But we can be civil. We can be intelligent. We can stop defending the indefensible. We can completely try to look beyond the headlines, hysteria and hyperbole (Oh my!). We can be honest, clear thinking and unafraid. We can remember that our country has survived some horrible things, like a Civil War, Jim Crow, World Wars and even really, really bad presidents. Yes, things may change in ways we don’t want them to or in ways that seem unfair.  It always happens when the person we didn’t vote for wins!

It’s not new

Liberals, we know you hate the president, you don’t have to tell us multiple times a day nor do you have to prove how bad he is by reposting every damning article, meme and graphic you find. Some are interesting and if presented in a calm and intelligent way I’m willing to read it and think on it.

One of my pet peeves are those who post memes or articles, usually social justice bits, with the preface: “It’s especially moving at this time” or “In light of our turbulent times this is especially important”. For most of the population life hasn’t changed a nanosecond since our president took office! Yet there is this thread of protest as if entire people groups are under siege. I’ve yet to see it.

And defenders? His verbiage is indefensible. His language is nonsensical. His actions? Time will tell. The court followers are happy, and yes, he’s replacing a host of liberal federal judges with conservative ones, in conservative states. Maybe that will be good, maybe it won’t. We just don’t know. It’s the court system and it is, at best, unpredictable.

I’m not overly optimistic

For all those who want to unseat him I ask, would you rather have Mike Pence? Here is a known conservative, someone who embodies everything you hate. Unabashedly pro-life, pro school choice, pro fiscal accountability and less governmental spending, on the side of traditional marriage, strong on military defense and 2nd Amendment rights, and he’s even a Christian. If you hate President Trump, you’ll despise and vilify his replacement and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

We will all survive this. It will not undo the United States of America to have this man in office. Contrary to the media hysteria (from which they make a fortune) we will not over turn Roe v Wade; Women will not loose pay in the work place nor become slaves to men; African Americans will not be lynched in the public square; Same sex marriage will not be undone; Christians will still win/loose battles in various states over religious freedom; public schools will continue to exist and everyone will go potty; Immigrants will still come to our country; clean energy will continue to advance, largely because it’s big business now; and our Bill of Rights will still defend and protect us from all that it promises.

Fear and anger are unworthy motives for posting hysterical articles and memes of dubious content on either side of this fence. It solves no problems. It incites anger on all sides, and it causes more damage to relationships that are valuable despite our political differences.

Let’s have a care how we speak on social media, it matters









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