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We’re in! Many boxes are unpacked. Kitchen is done! Bedrooms-check. Bathroom-check. We can function. Towels were missing till yesterday, had to buy a couple to tide us over. My makeup is still hiding, hoping to find it today. All in all it’s been a simple move. Age is not a friend to moving, Bruce is reminded hourly that he’s not 40 anymore. His comment yesterday “I’m really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow”.

Milo’s new view 

Today I’m catching up on laundry, that ongoing chore. It’s like dirty dishes, you gather it up around the house, wash, dry and put away only to find the lost sock that completes the load. It’s like a seed for the next batch. Anyway, testing out my washer in the new basement, giving Maggy a chance to follow me around and see a different spot in the building…it’s all good.

Went to church in less than 20 minutes yesterday, came home in about 30 (took a wrong turn)…fell asleep on the couch at 1:30 and didn’t wake up till 4. Nice to have some space on the weekend that isn’t used up with commuting. Hit a breakfast place, one of those corner restaurants with waitresses who’ve been there for generations and an owner who rings up all the tabs. Devoured my meal. The biscuits and gravy looked exceptional.

I walk all over. My building has stairs everywhere except inside my apartment. Stairs to the backyard, garage, basement, front porch, mailbox…Walked .4 miles to get a manicure, excellent job too, it’s saving them from the boxes and paper. Am thinking about walking to the nature preserve today, just to see the outside and take Mags on an excursion. Milo is whining, he isn’t happy about being cooped up. I let him in the basement yesterday, all it did was confuse him. He’s angling for the outdoors…I’m not ready for that.

Bruce’s commute was easy, early this morning. He has many routes to take and explore, I’m sure by the end of the week he’ll have the most efficient ones mapped out. Never a time waster! He’s enjoying our adventure, it suits him perfectly. In fact, I know I would never consider a move like this if it weren’t for him. We’ve been on many adventures in life, not all of them good. He always manages to find humor and fun in the worst of situations, this time he’s able to enjoy it fully and without guilt for how he got us here. No wrong turns, no bad choices, no sin…just an adventure for this season of life.

The first thing I’m learning about living in a city is that nothing is convenient. While I may have everything within a mile of my home, getting there isn’t simple. Parking is limited, streets are more than narrow and go in single directions. I back out of a very tight garage and drive through an alley that has limited visibility. To walk everywhere adds effort and time. It’s still winter (though you wouldn’t know it by Chicago standards) so bundling up is necessary-no easy access  to the car from an inside garage door. I have 5 house keys! I haven’t even used one in 20+ years (we lived in Mayberry) and now I have to keep 5 of them straight! My doorknobs are gorgeous antique glass but they slip and don’t always turn conveniently. Space is at a premium so sharing it is a challenge. Moving around beds is tight, the bathroom has a little hiccup with storage (though we solved it) and closets?  What’s a closet? I managed to make good use of them but they are full, very full. At this point the adventure of living here overrides the inconveniences, hopefully I’ll adjust to them before it wears off.

We were enormously blessed on Saturday night. Long time friends from the ‘burbs wanted to bring us dinner and picture where we’re living now. We lived in the same neighborhood 17 years ago. Met through homeschooling. Our daughter babysat for them. Their daughter and ours spent a couple of summers together between the houses and she photographed our daughter’s wedding last fall. We’ve shared meals, holidays, illness and moves…history with them is rich. As I received her text asking if they could come out I cried. Okay, I’m emotional-but it meant a lot. They brought dinner and we sat in the kitchen sharing about God showing up in our lives in “normal” ways. I’m even coining a new phrase “Normal Christianity beats exceptional church every time”. Can I just say? There is nothing richer than sharing God’s work in your life with people who are simpatico? It felt like a blessing on our new adventure.

So while inconvenience and tight space are normal now, adventure and more Kingdom stuff awaits. We know He came here before us, paved the way, smoothed the path and is even now directing our steps. I don’t want to sound overconfident, I know there will be challenges, but watching Him work is thrilling, there’s nothing like it.

And once I’ve caught up on sleep and find my make up life will be complete.






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