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Summer of the Knees

As of late, the city has been glorious

Oh yes, it’s been hot here too but for some reason it’s not as difficult to tolerate here as it used to be in the suburbs. For one thing, I don’t have that deck table and chairs calling my name at all hours of the morning and evening, taunting me to come and enjoy a cuppa while the sun peeks out or sit with Bruce, hashing out the day’s events while watching the fireflies sparkle. When it’s hot the mosquitos and humidity conspire to keep me indoors watching lame-o TV while I pine for said deck.

Not so in the city!  Just a staircase and some unmown grass that the dog uses for her business. In fact, sitting in my living room that faces the street is more enjoyable in the evenings because we hear the kids playing outside. They congregate on porches, throw a ball, talk smack to each other and generally have a great time.

It’s very neighborhoody

On nights when the weather is spectacular we have places to go where you can enjoy the season. One evening we hit Millennium Park for the free concert that the Grant Park Music Festival sponsors. Quick hop on the L train, 35 minute ride, walk to the nearby Panera to pick up sandwiches and across to the park, voila’–spontaneous Date Nite! Symphony music under the evening sky, live and enjoyed. Next time we’re taking folding chairs instead of a blanket.

Another Saturday evening was spent at the Montrose beach. Our young adult group did a beach night complete with BBQ, music and sand volleyball. It’s a beautiful spot,  just a few minutes away from home. Parking available, Mags can come along if we stay to the north end of the beach–that one is happening again, for sure.

Most recently we dined al fresco at a local pizza establishment prior to a grocery trip at a tony neighborhood store about 3 miles from home. It was cool! Dinner was spectacular (we shared leftovers with our upstairs neighbor who was alone and studying for the Bar exam).


The rooftop parking for the grocery store had flower boxes and a view of downtown–can’t get that in the burbs! Plus, it got us out of the house because…

This is the Summer of the Knees

I had my surgery on the 5th and am recovering nicely, thank you very much.

IMG_2115Bruce is speaking to his doctor this week and I imagine we’ll be headed to a surgery center near us very soon, he has a torn meniscus. It’s putting a damper on some of our more ambitious summer plans.

What prompted me to pursue this avenue of damage control you ask? It was a Facebook post from friends who toured the Western Mediterranean this year. As I perused their photo album I grew envious so I investigated all the details involved in going on a similar trip. Turns out, you need to be able to climb and walk to see all these historic sites and I knew that my knees just wouldn’t cooperate…

Dang hereditary arthritis

That did it for me, I decided it was time. I’d been doctoring, injecting, icing, creaming, exercising and medicating them long enough. I needed new ones if I was going to take a trip like this some day.  So on July 5th I took the plunge and had part of my left knee replaced. Surgery went well and I’m determined to make a full recovery.

Bruce’s story is a little different. His knee was first injured in our car accident of 2014 and the theory is that his meniscus finally completed it’s tear last fall. He’s been fighting with it for close to a year and is ready to be done. Poor guy. I have a feeling his recovery might be tougher than mine….

Another thing that’s made our heat a bit more tolerable is our commitment to serving. We’re 14 days away from our Kids Week of Adventure! All the costumes we’ve worked on for the past 3 months are being tweaked, adjusted and put to use.

Its sooo exciting

First dress rehearsal was yesterday and we had a great time getting them to make up and seeing the finished products. Our Mad Hatter can compete with Johnny Depp and our White Rabbit is a hoot.

His ears kept falling off and he used it as a bit. They became a character in the tea party to the point of stealing the show. I told Bruce that I almost hope they don’t fix them because I can hear the little kids telling their parents, “And the Rabbit lost his ears! He even made them drink tea and kept using them to hit people!”.

Talent abounds in the Kingdom

Back in the olden days of church we had these things called, Cantatas (can anyone say, John W Peterson?).  I remember people who could sing like angels, musicians who performed with skill known only in the professional world and music that would feed your spirit like it’s never been fed. We’ve drifted away from that form of production to a different era in church talent. I remember visiting a church once in the 90’s where the entire choir was dressed in costumes doing some acting along with their singing and I couldn’t get my head around it. I kept thinking that I’d be disqualified from participation because acting was soooo not my gig yet I loved singing in choirs.

But talent, of all kinds, belongs to the Kingdom first

It only makes sense that mankind, created in God’s image would be creative himself.  Once that ability is redeemed for Kingdom purposes and finds it’s expression in a pursuit that has eternal value–there’s nothing like it. Once again that feeding of the spirit happens, like in the days of old. Cantatas may have been our highest expression of artistic talent at one time, today it’s every form of talent.

Including the little mice who create, sew and paint in the workshop






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